Thursday, January 27, 2011

Skins, Your Teenager's Favorite Show

Skins, an intriguing title for a TV show. It is definitely not another “Bones” type of show. Instead it is a British Teen Drama, focused on the lives of your average dysfunctional teenager. Ever since the show has aired on MTV, it has caused many ripples on our television airwaves. The main reason for this controversy is due to the amount of “skin” shown throughout the show. In fact, a few MTV executives were a bit nervous putting the show on-air.

If you're of the old-fashioned conservative type, then you may find the show offensive. That is perfectly okay, however please do remind yourself that this isn't 1962 anymore. The teens on the show depict the true behavior of many troubled teens. Growing up in this day and age can be very wild and crazy. They have 16 year olds doing drugs, having sex and some are even gay! In high school, I remember knowing similar people, some who I even daresay called my friends. So what is the big problem with “Skins”?

Is it because the show is actually giving parents a reality of what their children are really doing? So many parents today are living in outer space. They make countless attempts at trying to limit their child's freedoms. Of course, these attempts usually fail, as teens end up sneaking out their bedroom window to go to a Friday night party. After these teens come home, they get to watch replays of the latest “Skins” show, where these actors are basically re-enacting the night at that party. We don't want teens to see this type of behavior because it serves as a bad influence. Yeah right!

Now, a mere fact that these actors are the same age as the characters they portray may be a bit disturbing. Why? Because these are under-aged teens that are having sex. Or in the show's case, showing too much “skin” which could technically be considered as “child pornography”. However, regardless of the law, the show is still being true in depicting teen life. Of course, every teen isn't some pot smoking, drug using punk, but every school has a few....or a handful.

This TV series is almost like a spin-off of the “Kids” Movie. Does anyone remember watching that? It came out when “Walk-mans” were still in style. In fact, you could even re-name “Skins” to “ Kids, 21st Century”. The plots are similar and the kids are just as loose as before. With a show this controversial, should we continue to watch it or ban it from our homes? If teens are watching this show, could it perhaps have a reverse-effect and convince kids not to make the same immature mistakes as the ones on the show.

Maybe more people should watch this show. More teens might start thinking things through and not become a projected drug user, etc. Keep the show on the air. Expose the truth and nothing but the truth about teens today.

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