Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh The Horror:

Mayor Dorothy Tillman
State Treasurer Arenda Troutman
Governor James Meeks
Governor Jesse Jackson Sr.
Lt. Gov. Al Sharpton
President Todd Stroger

There is absolutely no need for me to say boo.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Preview For JCP 47

-It would cost the city $800 million dollars to purchase a license for a casino. Governor Blagojevich said he is willing to pay a lower price.
-Dennis Hastert is expected to announce his resignation soon.
-Jill Morgenthaler will be running against Peter Roskham for the 6th Illinois COngressional seat. She has resigned as the Governor's Deputy Chief of Staff.
-Cook County Brd. Pres. Todd Stroger says that he is asking for more revenue than he needs but is willing to give a tax break later. He also says that its better for him to to get all of the money from you now then having to keep coming to you year after year.
-Mayor Daley says that a privatization of the parking meters in no excuse for not raising the taxes. He said the money coming from the meters would be placed in a reserve fund with interest income. the aldermen just may use this excuse to not raise the taxes.
-Lieutennant Governor Pat Quinn sent the Gov. a letter asking him to call for an immediate house session to vot on banning pay to play state contracts.
-Governor Blagojevich's income dropped $19,000
Preview For JCP 46

-Jesse Jackson Jr. says Daley's Tax Increase proposal is bad.
-William Beaver supporting a $4 per line tax on your phone bill including cell phones.
-Gov. Blagojevich vetoing a $40,000 appropriation to a group called Sisters Embracing Life. They give out free breast exams for minority women. Apparently Blagojevich was saying that the vetos he made saved enough money to give free mammograms for women. According to the state budget already has money set aside for free mammograms.
-Casino idea is brought up once again. Mayor Daley says that it is out of his hands and for the state of Illinois to decide.
-CTA's doomsday is soon!
-Rumors are going around that the city will sell the parking meters so that the parking meters become could possibly bring in $1 billion dollars. If this gets out then the property tax increase idea will go down the drain.
-Daley is still struggling to get 26 votes for a property tax increase.
-State Sen. Bill Brady was named Chairman of the Fred Thompson Presidential Commitee in Illinois.
-Smoking banned from beaches and parks?
-Stroger will allow for an independent panel to study what's wrong with the health bureau. Durbin wants the Cook County health system to reviewed before allocating any more money to the board.
Preview For JCP 45

Preview for JCP 45 on Oct. 14,2007:
-Mayor Daley's Budget Address.
-Stroger hiring William Beaver's girlfriend causing a longer pause for raising the sales tax.
-RTA won't accept short term bailout funding; Sen. Christine Radogno (R) says doomsday will be good for CTA.
-19 new schools wanted for Rennaisance 2010 Plan.
-More on Moment of Silence
-Layoff of over 1800 State Police Officers
-Daley defends his tax increase

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Preview For JCP (44)

-Mayor Daley's proposal to raise property taxes again. This time for new libraries.
-Ald. Isaac Carothers (29th) demands more police officers from Mayor Daley or a no vote on property tax increase.
-Gov. Blagojevich trying to pass a "Moment of Silence" Bill for all public school students to follow. It was vetoed with a 42-9 vote.
-Nov. 4 being the next doomsday for the Chicago Transit Authority.
- Todd Stroger's failed Sales Tax Increase to cover the 307 million dollar deficit.
-Gov. Blagojevich probably supporting an expansion of land based casinos in Chicago to bring in revenue for the RTA

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