Thursday, October 18, 2007

Preview For JCP 46

-Jesse Jackson Jr. says Daley's Tax Increase proposal is bad.
-William Beaver supporting a $4 per line tax on your phone bill including cell phones.
-Gov. Blagojevich vetoing a $40,000 appropriation to a group called Sisters Embracing Life. They give out free breast exams for minority women. Apparently Blagojevich was saying that the vetos he made saved enough money to give free mammograms for women. According to the state budget already has money set aside for free mammograms.
-Casino idea is brought up once again. Mayor Daley says that it is out of his hands and for the state of Illinois to decide.
-CTA's doomsday is soon!
-Rumors are going around that the city will sell the parking meters so that the parking meters become could possibly bring in $1 billion dollars. If this gets out then the property tax increase idea will go down the drain.
-Daley is still struggling to get 26 votes for a property tax increase.
-State Sen. Bill Brady was named Chairman of the Fred Thompson Presidential Commitee in Illinois.
-Smoking banned from beaches and parks?
-Stroger will allow for an independent panel to study what's wrong with the health bureau. Durbin wants the Cook County health system to reviewed before allocating any more money to the board.

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