Monday, November 13, 2006

How Can The Illinois GOP Rebuild? (Editorial)
Everywhere I go I hear this same question over and over again "How Can The Illinois GOP Rebuild?" Well actually it's more like "How Can The GOP Rebuild?". There is a lot of advice I have for the national GOP I would really like to focus on the Illinois GOP. As you may already know it was a Democratic Sweep when it came to the statewide offices. Well what can the Illinois GOP do to prevent that from happening the next time around? They can bring in new fresh ideas that the Democrats haven't thought of and they can also leave Jim Edgar and Jim Thompson alone. Just because Jim Edgar does a commercial for a GOP candidate doesn't guarantee a victory for that candidate. The Republicans really need a Barack Obama and some more young people to start taking control. Another problem with the Illinois GOP is that they can never get along. What I am trying to express is that the Illinois GOP is divided between Republican-Conservatives, Republican-Moderates and Republican-Liberals. Those Conservatives get mad at the Liberals and Moderates when they aren't against abortion or gay marriage. That's the kind of stuff that kept JBT from winning ebcause this blue state usually elects a Rpublican Governor. People like Jim Oberweis and Alan Keyes needs to go somewhere and sit down because if you run a campaign based on Gay Marriage is bad and so is abortion then how in the world do you expect to win anything in the State of Illinois? That makes me so mad when these hardcore conservatives think that they are going to do so well in the elections, however I will make a note that Alan Keyes received more votes in his U.S. Senate Race than Judy Baar Topinka did in the Governor's Race: Keyes= 1,360,690 and Topinka= 1,323,902. Anyway the point that I am trying to make is that the Illinois GOP needs to start agreeing on the main core issues and the issues that they don't agree on should be tossed more towards the back until asked about. They also need to get some young new faces who are going to be influential leaders in the near future.

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